Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Bring on the 90's party!

So mid week, after my party slump from fashion week I am picking myself up and looking for some inspiration for an early 90's ghetto fab party I am attending on Saturday.

Now we are not talking mid 90's grunge fashion that I'm dipping in and out of at the moment anyway. I am talking full on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Saved By the Bell with a bit of Salt-N- Pepa and MC Hammer thrown in for good measure.

Hi-top trainers, mammoth sized gold chains and earrings (if they look disproportionate to the size of my head I'll be getting close) and cycling shorts- a trip to American Apparel should cater for all my needs!- But maybe this isn't distasteful enough? hmm..

Think I'm going to go for a Salt-n-Pepa vibe, when it comes to 90's ghetto fabulous it doesn't get much better than this...

Once the outfit is sorted it is a matter of hair and make up... initial thoughts backcombing.. second thoughts- crimping! If that doesn't scream 90's bad taste I don't know what does.

While I was on the 90's vibe I stumbled across a couple of classics, Anna Wintour and a shockingly fresh faced Kate Moss circa 1993. I'm pleased to see Anna's haircut has stood the test of time, you have to love her dedication to the 'do.