Thursday, 8 October 2009

Making an entrance...

Anyone with me on this look? alright then..Ghetto Chic I'm rocking it this season. Now I realise this is not quite how a metallic trend should ever be worn and before anymore of my fashion cred' goes out the window I must point out this was in relation to the 90's extravaganza birthday I attended on Saturday (see previous post for lowdown!)

Now I do like to get into the swing of things as you can see and the party was fab, although I must admit I felt a tad over dressed on initial entrance. My friend hadn't filled me with confidence when an incoming text read "are you nearly here, only a few people have made an effort!" as I was en route in my metallic gold outfit and gravity defying chav jewellery. Oh well 'never knowingly under-dressed' I strolled on in and headed to the dance floor as soon as you could say 'running man'.

Partied until the early hours. I have to say hi-top trainers definitely do have their merits on a night out, can't see me making a habit of it though, an entrance just isn't the same in a pair of flat shoes that make my feet look 3 times bigger!

Anyway 90's party weekend over and time to head back to the future, 2009 beckons... well kind of, I'm not giving up my stonewashed denim anytime soon. :)