Thursday, 24 September 2009

On with the show!

Sunday night rolled into Monday morning far too quickly, and before I realised I had been having too much fun to go to bed it was all but too late. I got to my door at 3.30am only to be ordering a cab for 4.45am to take me to Baker Street for early morning call time for a show. Damn you my partner in crime (you know who you are!)

So 6am I'm at the Meadham Kirchhoff show backstage with the very talented Jason Farrer who I was assisting for the show. I'm happy to report there was endless caffeine, although I was feeling particularly perky considering the early start.

9am and I'm in the middle of arranging one of the models when like a bolt from the blue (or a bat out of hell depending on your opinion) Anna Wintour was standing before me in the flesh. The lady herself had come back for a pre-show rundown with Ed and Benjamin and as quickly as she had arrived she vanished and the frantic dressing resumed backstage.

I hope from the catwalk the show looked seamless, of course behind the scenes naturally everything was running smoothly..! :)
The show was well received and it was a great experience for me but no rest for the wicked I had to dash off to the KTZ (Kokon to Zai) store in Notting Hill for an afternoon of styling with Jason and the lovely KTZ team!