Tuesday, 15 September 2009

rain, rain, go away..

I am now sufficiently settled back into the deteriorating english summer from my recent holiday in Crete. boo hoo..

As I look out my window in north london at the buckets of rain spilling from the gutter the summer seems to have come and gone in the blink of an eye, or maybe I just missed it altogether.

The nights are drawing in, the umbrella is dusted off and braces itself for another battering in the looming autumn, winter, spring..lets face it the umbrella is never fully redundant in England.

So I'm thinking what is there to look forward to as we delve deeper into rainy mornings and dark nights, as I'm worried I may succumb to SAD if I do not drum up something inspiring for the next coming weeks and months.

Then it comes to me like a bolt in the blue.. with all the reminiscing of holidays for a brief moment my mind lapsed on what is just round the corner- truly one of my favourite times of the year- London Fashion Week!!

We are in the midst of New York Fashion Week and friday is the first day I will be tottering down to Somerset House to check out Londons finest.

With a renewed energy for the next few weeks with New York, London, Milan and Paris to keep me entertained, I realise it may be time to revisit my winter wardrobe. So with the dusting of umbrellas comes the re-emergence of my favourite fur coat and with this in mind maybe I can keep that SAD at bay...at least until next month anyway... : )