Thursday, 24 September 2009

Life is a merry-go-round!

After Topshop Unique on Sunday I headed straight over to the Meadham Kirchhoff studio in East London to have a briefing with the designers Ed Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff about the collection and theme of the show as I was to be assisting the stylist Jason Farrer on the show the next morning. All very exciting as the collection looked amazing and very my style!

Next I hopped on a bus over to Holborn to meet my friend Laura and we hot-footed over to the Mulberry party at the Claridges Hotel.

Luckily we had pre-empted the fashion scrum to get in to the eagerly anticipated party and had headed over only a few fashionable minutes later than the doors had opened.

The Mercury Award nominated Friendly Fires were performing on the night who are a favourite of mine at the moment. If you haven't already heard of them check them out on

Inside we were greeted by a fairground themed soiree complete with carousel horses, candyfloss and hundreds of helium balloons lining the walls. My personal favourite was the 'hook a duck' stand but no cuddly toys took centre stage for the prize of this game, oh no, there was a brand spanking new Mulberry tote on offer for the lucky winner. Unfortunately I came away with nothing, except a few Mulberry stickers to console myself with...oh well theres always next season..