Friday, 18 September 2009

London stepping into the spotlight with...Boris??

London Fashion Week always seems like it's trying to prove something to the rest of the fashion capitals. Over the years we have tried to carve out the cool, young talent niche to validate our relevance amongst Paris and Milan.

As we all know this year is the 25th anniversary of fashion week and I find it really strange that of all people, with the world watching, we picked Boris Johnson to open the event at Somerset House today. Not sure if that thought crossed other people's minds but it's like someone went out of there way to choose somebody who is so far removed from the fashion sector its unreal.

Surely it would of been a better reflection to celebrate the 25 years of fashion by choosing a person or organisation that has been a backbone of the British industry, or even selecting emerging young talent to shout about.

Ah well, at least with beginning fashion week with Boris Johnson things can only get better in the days to come...!