Thursday, 17 September 2009

Taking a shine to Proenza Schouler

Known for their clean cut uptown look the Proenza Schouler duo added a casual element to their spring 10 collection.

Usually a vision (stereotypically I admit) I associate with anorak wearing individuals, the jacket tied round the waist look was in fact an influence on this collection. Sure this was a design re-work to make this appear less trekking up a mountain and more trekking up Harvey Nics but nevertheless the comparison was there.

Twisted seams and fringing made appearances and the hemlines were kept short.

Indigo blue, yolk yellow an beetle shell green made up the palette and many of the dresses sported iridescent finishes reminiscent of reptilian skins and peacock feathers.

- green & purple iridescent mini dress
- emerald green mini skirt
- Yellow & blue tie dye style top