Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Press Days & Christmas Cometh

Yesterday I went on a little adventure into town to have a look at a couple of press days. Spring summer 10 may seem a world away as I woke up this morning to what felt like frost bitten toes and cranked the heating up out of necessity rather than comfort for the first time. Nevertheless duty and intrigue called to go and find out what is around the corner.

I went to see Exposure PR first (Aldo, WESC, Noir, Levi's, Ben Sherman, Terry De Havilland) guided by the lovely Gemma. I must say very impressed with Exposure's hospitality with a rustic feast of Parma ham, continental cheese and ciabatta bread with delicious custard pies for after- a definite thumbs up on hostesses with the mostest!

Next off to Surgery PR (G Star, Wrangler, Firetrap, Antoni & Alison) another impressive and easily navigated offering of brands, particularly taken by Rani Jones collection which I will delve into later and a glamourous collection from Yong one of whose designs was destined for none other than Cheryl Cole on X Factor.

There is nothing like browsing next seasons collections to make a girl want to dive headfirst into the nearest fashion store. I was in close proximity of Oxford Street and after literally being stranded in Oxford Circus (no tube due to the Christmas lights ceremony) what else is a girl to do but check out the current seasons offerings.

I decided not to hang around with the thousands of gaggling tweenie girls who were waiting to get a glimpse of the latest pop offering on stage and made a beeline for a safe space. Topshop came to my rescue and upon entry felt like a sanctuary from the screaming mob outside, making even the unlikeliest place- Oxford Street Topshop -seem like a haven of serenity.