Friday, 6 November 2009

Fashion concious...with a conscience

Amongst the endless brands at press days, luxury label Rani Jones caught my eye for the right reasons.

Vivid splashes of orange and pink ran through a muted palette of soft greys. Bold shoulders and oversized jackets will look fresh in spring 10 which is an achievement in the ever-changing fashion landscape. It's a brand that I would wear for it's structured lines and seemingly effortless style, and the collection is looking significantly stronger for next season.

I am therefore pleased to say it caught my attention for these reasons and not because of it's much flaunted 'eco' label. This is an innovative fashion brand foremost and they work hard to achieve good business practice throughout the design process.

Yes the brand has ethical standards that they ensure they adhere to but at the same time they identify they are constantly working at bettering these and by their own admission the lines of 'ethical fashion' are blurred somewhat so they have their own guidelines which suit them and their customer just fine.

The problem with ethical fashion labels are they are grouped into their own sector, often thought of as not being as fashion led and for people with time to put ethical issues high on their day to day agenda- and let's face it that's not the majority of us.

This doesn't do much to encourage the mainstream retailers, the one's who have the persuasion and power to implement much better policies that are currently in place.

Brands such as Rani Jones are making head way for fashion brands to recognise at it's core that it is the retailers responsibility to note the impact it's business has on people's livelihoods. The more brands that initially start up with this ethos are going to make the fashion world a much improved and prouder place to belong.