Thursday, 5 November 2009

Yong has the X Factor

Featured at the Surgery PR spring 2010 press day and immediately caught my eye, was the collection from UK based designer Yong.

Yong's dresses scream glamour and urge to be worn with the highest of heels and an air of utter body confidence. Consequently it doesn't surprise me that Victoria Adcock, stylist to everyone's favourite clothes horse Cheryl Cole, had the dress below earmarked as the alternate option to the much talked about David Koma dress that eventually graced the Geordie one's shoulders on X Factor at the weekend.

Yong studied at the Edinburgh College of Art and was picked up by Liberty in his third season under his own label. Previous to his own escapade he had been at Alexander McQueen and had the prestige of winning Topshop Graduate of the Year.

With the seal of approval from Cheryl Cole surely not far away, this designer is set to be gracing many a red carpet in the near future. Start investing now for a sure fire fashion hit and get one up on the Cheryl-ettes by bagging it first.