Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Desperately Seeking Madonna

I happened to switch on to Desperately Seeking Susan whilst browsing the numerous brain-numbing shows on my freeview box and I settled on the 80's easy watching flick starring Madonna and Patricia Arquette.

Now I know it is a shockingly bad film but I swore my allegiance to Madonna many, many years ago and seeing the positive in most of her work you have to appreciate the outfits in the movie.

It inspired me to route through the archives and watch some of the Virgin Tour from 1985. Flashbacks of me dancing around my living room to an audience consisting of my mum, dad, nan, grandad and other close family- you can't beat a captive audience!

Britney, Lady Ga Ga, you can keep the imitations. As with everything, I'd rather have the original....