Sunday, 6 December 2009

DANGER McQueen sample sale!

Thursday was the seasonal Alexander McQueen sample sale held at Clerkenwell in London. This was the first time I had been to a McQueen sample sale and therefore did not know what to expect.

I arrived at the beginning of the sale ensuring what I thought would be an easy transition into the sale to find my season bargains and get out of there faster than you can say 70% off. How wrong I was...

What looked like a relatively small queue equated to half an hour, an hour and before I knew it I had spent two hours, yes, two hours waiting to get a glimpse of what I hoped would be worth the wait inside.

When inside it was clear as to why the wait had been so long, it was the calmest sale I have been to due to a strict one in one out system. I usually avoid participating in the fashionista games of sprint to the accessories line, for the exact reasons stated, but this was different.

I was pleased to see a great range of coats, dresses, casual wear and accessories and ensured I took my time after the unanticipated wait to get in there. After two hours browsing and trying on I settled for five purchases which seemed to make the taxing afternoon sufficiently worthwhile.

A stunning black velvet column dress (perfect for my week in Paris before Christmas!), a navy silk jersey dress, a cream blazer with black lapel and a pair of gold platform heels- job well done!

On waiting in the queue beforehand my friend had scorned at me when I questioned "Is McQueen really worth it?" On surveying my prized purchases I will have no hesitation in going through the rigmarole next season, maybe I'll bring my tent next time....